Cross ticks my boxes

Image via Wikipedia It’s election time at the NUJ and my vote was long decided before the ballot papers were issued. At stake is the editorship of the union’s publication, the imaginatively titled The Journalist. Unlike most such jobs, where you fill in an application form, get through a couple of interviews then negotiate terms …

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Newspaper sales – a way forward?

I read an intriguing article in today’s Media Guardian about a London scheme for selling more newspapers. News International has started offering top-up publications alongside subscriptions for some of its own stable – the Times and Sunday Times.  The free delivery scheme actually started last July but has now been expanded to include non-NI publications …

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Screen jab: the reality of misery

I’m not a huge fan of reality TV. It is occasionally interesting in a curiosity sense and its forerunner, the docusoap, offered enlightening glimpses into other worlds and other peoples’ lives. But mostly reality TV seems to me about serving people up as entertainment and, increasingly over the last decade that has been about pushing …

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