My book, Epilepsy: The Essential Guide, was published on 1 May 2009.

What is epilepsy? What treatments are available? Will I be able to work or have children?

Around 450,000 people in the UK have epilepsy, making it the most common neurological disorder. With the right medication, around 70% of people with epilepsy can gain good or total control over their seizures, making it possible to live a reasonably normal life.

My book covers everything you need to know about epilepsy, from the types of medication and other treatments available, to practical advice on managing your epilepsy effectively. I also explode some common myths about epileptic seizures.

I provide the answers to the most common questions people ask when diagnosed, and you can find out how to get all the help you need, from support at work to entitlement to benefits. Parents and teachers can also use this guide to help them take care of a child with epilepsy.

Whether you have just been diagnosed with epilepsy and have been told little beyond needing to take medication, or have had it for some time but would like more information on coping with various aspects, Epilepsy: The Essential Guide can guide you through everything you need to know about life with epilepsy.

About me: I was diagnosed with epilepsy in 1997, after having night seizures for around 18 months. Beyond being told to hand in my driving licence and take medication, I was given no information on how to manage my condition. I struggled to find useful information on living with epilepsy and found out many things the hard way or by chance, like why it’s not a good idea to lock the bathroom door or that it’s possible to die having a seizure. This book is based on the pool of knowledge I gradually acquired over the years on living a full life, even with epilepsy.

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