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I’m a bit embarrassed that these days I don’t get around to updating this blog much. It’s mainly because I’m preoccupied elsewhere, so I though it was time to share where you can read some of the other stuff I’ve written of late.

Firstly, there’s the other blog – I started The Lone Gourmet in September 2011 to share my recipes and cooking interests. If you love food, enjoy cooking and live on your own why not head over for a look? Also, a lot of the recipes will double up easily if you share your abode.

There’s also my regular TV column over at Screenjabber if you want to know what the top picks are for the week ahead’s viewing. The column is usually pinned to the front page but if it’s not, pull down the Blogs menu and select “latest blogs” to find it.

The bulk of my work these days is actually book editing rather than journalism. My colleague Louise Harnby writes a splendid blog on editing and proofreading over at The Proofreader’s Parlour for anyone with an interest in the subject. Earlier this year, I wrote a couple of guest posts for her on two of the subject areas I’m most likely to be editing for my clients. Editing Financial Material explores the issues and intricacies of editing what is often quite technical copy. I also work fairly regularly on texts that are usually described as “adult”. My piece on Editing Adult Material discusses the finer points of working with copy that is sexually explicit, blasphemous or graphic and why it needs editing as carefully as any other kind of work.

Lastly, I must mention the equally brilliant blog, The Kraken Wakes, a wonderfully ranty and foul-mouthed blog by another colleague in which she has a daily rail at all manner of things but mostly sexism in all its guises. She was kind enough to let me borrow her blog recently so I could have a much-needed pop at something that really winds me up – the pinkification of women’s cancer. I should warn you that Light the Pink Touchpaper and Stand Well Back is as swearily NSFW as the rest of The Kraken Wakes…

Right, I’m promising myself now to be less neglectful of this blog in future! Stay tuned as this whole site, plus my other work one, will shortly be having a major facelift – in time for the new year, I hope.

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