Editing for Authors and Students

Editing and Proofreading for Authors and Post-grad Students

I offer a range of editorial services tailored to your specific needs, from basic proofreading to copy-editing in Word – helping you knock your book or thesis into shape and get it ready for publication.

Before I give an estimated cost, I ask for a 10-page sample of your book or thesis and expected word count. I charge an hourly fee, so the price will be an estimate unless we negotiate a fixed fee.

Get in touch and let’s talk about how I can help you.


I have worked with a number of independent authors over the years on novels (mainly crime and erotica), non-fiction such as true crime, and memoirs. You may be looking to self-publish on the Kindle Store or print-on-demand, want to get your book in shape before going to an agent or publishing house, or just want a small print run for copies to give to your family.

For more information about how I work with authors, download my factsheet (PDF).

When you’ve finished your final draft, I will provide a detailed copy-edit in Microsoft Word and do all of the following:

  • check spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • apply consistency for spelling choices, styling and formatting
  • check your chapter headings and ensure they match the chapter table at the start
  • punctuate dialogue consistently
  • rewriting sentences to read better
  • check for plot holes
  • check plot timelines
  • check character consistencies (name, clothing, job, backstory, etc)
  • fact-check for place names and their geography, historical events that are mentioned, etc
  • flag any legal concerns – defamation of real-life persons, copyright, etc
  • ensure all loose ends are tied up
  • make suggestions where I think you can improve your story
  • flag any legal concerns – defamation, copyright, etc
  • leave margin comments for anything else that needs attention

I always use Tracked Changes in Word so you can see exactly what I have done. I typically do a read-through, one round of copy-editing and a second check before handover. I will then apply any small amendments you wish to make. Further rounds of editing, particularly with substantial changes, will be subject to additional cost.

I supply two copies of the manuscript on completion: one with all changes tracked and margin comments visible, and one “clean” with changes accepted so the author can read the amended version easily.

Post-graduate students

I offer proofreading for PhD and Masters students, in the fields of finance and business, environment and humanities.

I work only with students whose first language is not English, and who have permission from their tutor to hire a proofreader. I will ask you to complete my student form before starting work.

For more information about how I work with post-graduate students, download my student factsheet (PDF).

What I will do

What I will NOT do