Do you need professional help, but don’t know where to start? Not sure if you need proofreading, or something more in-depth?

So – editing or proofreading?


I can check your:

  • spelling for typos and consistency (for example -ise or -ize?)
  • fix your punctuation woes
  • tidy up your grammar
  • and give your document a final polish before you publish it

As well as the above, I can do the following:

  • fix consistency in the wording
  • rewrite where needed for clarity, coherence and conciseness
  • apply a ‘house style’
  • create chapter and section headings and a table of contents
  • check tone so it’s right for your intended readership
  • check structure for order and logic
  • fact-check for accuracy
  • do legal checks (eg defamation, incitement to hate)
  • advise on any arising issues
  • and more…

For novelists, I also look at plot consistency, character consistency and more, and will advise on any problems. Ask for my “Novel editing” factsheet for more information and guidance on the services I provide.

What kinds of documents do I work on?

I have worked on all of the following:

  • novels
  • non-fiction
  • ‘adult’ material
  • magazines
  • journal articles, dissertations and theses
  • newsletters, annual reports, white papers and other corporate material (for example, brochures or slides)
  • web copy
  • and more…
Who do I work for?

I work with all the following:

  • independent authors and self-publishers
  • publishing companies
  • businesses
  • Masters and PhD students
  • translation and content agencies
  • and more…

Of course, you want to know what things cost. Every project is different, so I don’t publish my prices. I can provide a general quote when you give me an outline of the work you need doing, and a firm price once I have seen a sample text and we agree to go ahead with your project. I will never sell you a service you don’t need, and I will be honest if I think you aren’t ready for either proofreading or editing, or if I’m not qualified to handle the subject matter. Ask for my “What will it cost?” factsheet for more information and guidance on pricing.

What else do I do?
  • Editing English as a foreign language – if you employ staff from overseas, it’s often the case that their spoken English is excellent but their written skills are less fluent. My 12 years living and working abroad mean I am highly experienced at untangling English written according to the rules of another language.
  • House style for businesses – if your business needs to implement consistency across all its written materials, from the annual report down to the letters you send to your customers, I can create your own in-house style manual and deliver it in print or as a PDF. I can even come in and train your staff.
  • Consultation – I provide a full consultation service on all aspects of editing. If you’re not sure what you need, beyond the above, get in touch to ask about how I can help you – not all editing tasks are clear-cut.

I take advance bookings but can sometimes take on editing and proofreading assignments at short notice.

Get in touch so we can discuss your needs and how I can help.