Blogging the bloggers

Tomorrow sees me heading off to the nearby metropolis of Manchester for the Manchester Bloggers meeting. I’m not strictly a Manchester blogger but I might soon be, if all goes according to plan. I’ve been invited to about 3 of these over the last few years – each time I cancelled at the last minute because of work pressures. This time I’ve been lured by the opportunity to have a look round the new multimedia newsroom of Manchester Evening News, which is hosting the meet. How could I resist?

As with all good blog meets, this one will head to the pub once we’ve had the tour and I’m looking forward to meeting some of Manchester’s finest bloggers, many of whom I know by blog only so far. I’ll be blogging here again on Thursday about the M.E.N. and the pubfestblog meeting. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Blogging the bloggers”

  1. I hope you’re in good condition – you have to show these other bloggers what you’re made of by putting on a good performance in the pub :o)

  2. Sadly, I only managed one feeble pint before rushing off to catch a train home (which I missed by seconds then had to wait an hour for the next one). But it was a good trip. Full blog report to follow tomorrow.

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