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Not much to say, really. The papers are awash with news, views, op-eds and outrage. Ten days of coverage, more details unfolding daily on the catalogue of inaction. I couldn’t face watching Panorama tonight after reading today’s news. It would have been like getting an abuse-porn fix.

Like the rest of the nation, I feel angry, appalled and disgusted that this poor child was let down so many times.

It’s hard to comprehend that a society sophisticated enough to put people into space, create the internet and develop pioneering medical treatments unthinkable even 5 years ago failed to spot such terrible abuse.

I don’t have children and the nearest I get to maternal is hugging my cat, but I struggle to comprehend how adults can deliberately hurt such a small, young, vulnerable being. How someone can slice off a baby’s fingertips with a stanley knife and snap their spine over a knee, for amusement.

Like others, I had an opinion on Brandgate, but that seems so insignificant now and I wonder where the complainants are now? Where are the sackings and resignations? Where is that someone with the bottle to take put their hand up and take some responsibility?

Baby P won’t be the last child we fail – you can’t stop someone hellbent on doing wrong things – but we need to stop saying “lessons will be learned”. Saying isn’t enough. We need a complete overhaul, not a review, of how we care for the vulnerable.

Don’t let Baby P have died in vain.

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  1. My editor and I were discussing the legal issues attached to this story today, I believe the mother and stepfather are anonymous because other proceedings are active. My editor and I agreed on two major points. Firstly, that you need qualifications or licences to do pretty much anything, yet anyone can choose to have children. And some people just should not be allowed.

    If someone subjected a dog to this kind of abuse, they would be banned from keeping animals for life, yet I have read that the mother (who I won’t name here, she’s easy enough to find on Facebook) was pregnant while on remand with her fifth child – and as far as I am aware, no laws exist that could prevent her from becoming a mother again.

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